Reach out to consumers!

If you want to grow your business, make it open to the consumers who do not speak English! I am surprised how many companies located in North and South America have their websites or marketing materials in English only! United States, Canada are the countries of immigrants where variety of languages amazes any citizen from […]

4-In, 4-Out Rule for Work Permits

On April 1, many work permit holders who have worked in Canada for over 4 years may not be able to renew their work permits. This is because the government implemented a regulation known as the “4-in, 4-out rule”. Here’s how it works: • Most foreign workers who have worked in Canada for four years […]

Requirements to translation of the documents for citizenship

We receive a lot of queries from our clients regarding translation of the documents for citizenship application. We want to make our clients’ life easier and below is a link  from the Government of Canada website and an abstract from the site: “Policy Any document that is not in English or French must be […]

What is the difference between a certified and notarized translation

A certified translation is performed by a certified translator. A certified translator is a member of a specific regulating body/association registered in a province/country. Every certified translator in Ontario has its own registration number and a seal. A certified translation consists of the copy of original document, translation of this document, and translator’s statement/affidavit. A notarized […]