DTP Srvices

  • Text extraction from InDesign, QuarkXPress, PDFs etc for translation purposes
  • Conversion of PDF into searchable text documents which are accurate and also preserves the original format and layout of the document. The extracted text can be downloaded as a Word Document
  • Conversion of manuscripts from one format to the other, including cross-platform. PDF or TIFF documents can also be converted to Word, XML or any other format as desired by the client, and then re-formatted as per specific needs. Layout entities are mapped between different document platforms
  • Conversion of files from PageMaker or QuarkXPress to InDesign
  • A full range of comprehensive multilingual desktop publishing services using the latest and most appropriate page layout and graphics applications available in the market
  • Designing of the graphic layout specific to particular language
  • Comprehensive, multilingual desktop publishing
  • Localization of documents in any language, graphical layout in Asian, African, Middle Eastern and European languages